Sospeso Trasparente technique step by step

It's very easy to work with Sospeso Trasparente materials. There are several steps in which you can create a stunning decorated object.


Step 1. Take the napkin or decoupage paper and cut the image.




Step 2. If you took a napkin, separate white layers within a napkin. If you took a decoupage paper, put it in water for a while.




Step 3. Take a special film for modeling. This film was specially designed for volume decoupage; it is non-toxic while heating and is well-deformable. Glue a napkin/decoupage paper on a film. While working with the decoupage paper choose more strong glue, for the paper is rather thick.




Step 4. Brush a glued napkin/decoupage paper once again from the top.




Step 5. After the composition gets dry (you can use a hairdryer as well), cut it along the contour.




Step 6. Heat the composition using a candle. While heating the film becomes more flexible and starts to distort. At this moment you should model your composition. You can start modeling with your hands – bend, stretch, etc. Be careful, for the film is hot and it quickly cools down. Thus you make your composition look more natural.




Step 7. Using embossing burins proceed to more delicate modelling. The film should be heated on a candle.





Step 8. Add decorative elements, such as stamens, pistils, etc.





Step 9. Attach your composition to the object of decoration.