About volume decoupage Sospeso Trasparente

Sospeso Trasparente is a volume decoupage decorative technique created and patented by Italian decorator Monica Allegro. This technique allows you to make volume decorative elements from special paper (napkins and decoupage cards) in several easy steps:


  • cut motives of your choice from napkins or decoupage cards
  • glue them onto the special transparent film
  • model elements using a candle and special sticks (bullini).


Sospeso Trasparente technique gives you unlimited possibilities in decorating objects as well as making stunning jewelry. You can create personalized objects which cost you almost nothing but will look like it’s made of glass or porcelain.


One of the main materials used in volume decoupage technique Sospeso Trasparente is a special film. It is absolutely safe and non-toxic while heated.

Safety sertificate of Sospeso Trasparente materials


The basic principle of work in Sospeso Trasparente technique is to cut the desired motives from the decoupage card or napkin and then glue it to the special film. The film was designed and patented especially for this technique. It’s absolutely safe and non-toxic. When it’s dry, you have to cut the motives together with the film and then heat it over the candle and modelate using special instruments – wooden burins and latex pad. When the film is warm, it is flexible and you can get any desired shape. It gets cold in two or three seconds and keeps the shape you’ve made.

Depending on the type of paper you can get different effects - imitation of glass, porcelain or biscuit, this is what we call volume decoupage.


Here are some examples of works made from Sospeso Trasparente materials.